Critical Thinking Statement For Nursing

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Caring, compassionate, leaders, dedicated, non-judgmental, passionate, holistic, and healers are only some of the words used to describe the profession of nursing. ADD HERE. I am choosing to pursue nursing because I want to make a difference in the world. Nothing is more satisfying than providing care to someone when they need it the most. I have been interested in the medical field for as long as I can remember. Although I am intrigued by the human body and everything that it can do, I have a passion for providing care. I firmly believe that the desire I have to help is what determined my decision to pursue nursing. When I graduate and obtain my baccalaureate degree, I hope to begin my journey in the Emergency Room or in the Labor and Delivery…show more content…
This critical thinking model provides a basis for the skills and duties that registered nurses must conform to. The nursing process is comprised of six standards: assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation, implementation including, coordination of care and health teaching and promotion, and evaluation. MAYBE SUMMARIZE STEPS HERE. The standards of professional performance form the foundation of behavior that registered nurses must engage in during activities related to ethics, culturally congruent practice, communication, collaboration, leadership, education, evidence-based practice and research, quality of practice, professional practice evaluation, resource utilization, and environmental health. The standards of practice and the standards of professional performance can be used cohesively as they are statements of the duties that all registered nurses must comply to. The standards of professional performance are used to guide nurses through their behaviors as they complete the nursing process. While reading the components of the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice, learning the ways in which nursing is both an art and a science intrigued me the most. Caring and respect for human dignity compose the art of nursing. “Human care and caring is viewed as the moral ideal of nursing consisting of human-to-human attempts to protect, enhance, and preserve humanity and human dignity, integrity, and wholeness by assisting a person to find meaning in illness, suffering, pain, and existence” (11). This aspect of nursing is why I love the profession so much. Personally, as a nursing student, I look forward to my future because I know I will be making a difference in so many individual lives by providing this type of

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