Critical Thinking: The Perspectives Of Being A Critical Thinker

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Everyday people are face with numerous decisions to make and problems to solve. Decision-making and problem solving is the very core in many aspects of life, yet some decision making can be very difficult to accomplish. “As critical thinkers we need a reasonable basis for accepting or rejecting any argument or claim, including challenges to our idea. The only way to establish that basis is to evaluate the challenge and make an honest determination of its worth.”(Ruggiero, pg.137) In my perspective, Critical thinking is learning to think for yourself and to develop your own independent opinions, back by sound reasoning and support. The term critical thinking describes the deliberate thinking that helps you to decide on what to believe and how to act. It helps to examine a problem or issue from many angles to arrive at the best possible solution.
It is important to be a critical thinker because it enables one to lead a more enriching life through examinations of one 's own beliefs and practices, and those of others. This examination maximizes one 's freedom to make responsible choices with respect to those beliefs and practices. It further enables one to envision paradigms of thinking and action which stimulate continual intellectual, moral, and personal growth.
Critical thinking skills allows people to see all sides of an issue, look for creative alternatives, approaches to problems, and make well thought out decisions. When a person understands what the writer or speaker

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