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Introduction Dimitar Dimov is a Bulgarian novelist, dramatist, and veterinary surgeon and has left a rich literary heritage - short stories, travelogues, novels, dramas. His most famous work – the best-selling novel "Tobacco" was initially denied and censored, which caused a second edition of the text. The original version was released in 1951 and the revised in 1953/54. Dimitar Dimov creates a modern intellectual novel against the ideological propaganda, censorship, and lack of creative freedom in the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century. The writer affirms an artistic style, which is different than the "socialist realism" and the image of communist or partisan of the "new age" which beats the "rotten" capitalism. The genre of "Tobacco" combines…show more content…
The ambitious and passionate young man is ashamed of his family, avoids his peers, the provincial small town is narrow for his boundless ambitions. The young man is very sparing with words and feelings in order to avoid sentimentality and to preserve himself for significant and valuable occasions in the future. He is very calculating and that makes him a ruthless monster - strong and heartless, cruel and capable, talented and cold-hearted. Morev loses track of good and evil, he outsteps the simple moral norms and dehumanizes. He blackmails, bribes, manipulates, hurts, kills. Boris sacrifices his own humanity - dignity, pride, conscience, inner spiritual strength for money, power and success. His total moral degradation makes him a winner and a victim simultaneously. In the decline of his life he is "bare and dull, devoid completely of moral consciousness, of simple human ability to distinguish between good and evil, between villainy and dignity." (Dimov, 1951) The alcohol ruins him, deprives him from individuality and destroys him. At the end of the novel Morev is devastated, sodden and painfully indifferent to everything. A mental and physical shadow of his previous self, which proves that everything is paid in life and it is
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