Criticism Essay: Examples Of Plagiarism

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Maria jaramillo
English 11 ,period 3
March 1,2018 Plagiarism Don't ever feel like we can't accomplish something we all have different types of problems and work to do but that doesn't mean to do plagiarism. Plagiarism is when someone thinks it's okay to steal someone's work. Plagiarism is like cheating off a big test in college and get kicked out of college because of that simple mistake. Have we ever worked on something so hard, but then we forget to put our name on it. So now we lost all that hard work, well that's the same way how plagiarism is too. In some of the examples of plagiarism, there is mosaic plagiarism occurs when a writer reuses a mix of word phrases and ideas from a source without indicating which words. In one of my researches I did there was one of Martin Luther King Jr . He took place in 1945 ,King turned in a dissertation entitled a
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Here is an example that’s shows that they change the words, “We think of the civil war as war to save the union and abolish slavery ,but before the fighting began most people regarded these as incompatible ideals.” Now here is what the student did,“people now believe that the civil war was a war to save the union and abolish slavery, but before the fighting began most people regarded these as incompatible ideals. The student mixed the words ,even though we think that it’s super easy to copy someone else’s work it isn’t because you get in trouble, but you fail that assignment.we as teenagers believe that it’s so easy to do plagiarism when in reality it's something so serious that could make you lose your future career. In addition next time think before we do something it can lead into something much bigger and worse
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