Criticism In A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

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Awaking the English tyranny Imagine living in eighteenth century England. Imagine the English-Irish division. Imagine being an English citizen living in that era, all rich and bombastic. Life couldn’t be better for you; almost everything was glorious and you were leading a wealthy life. Then rip that image out of your mind! You are now a poor dehumanized undermined Irish. Life couldn’t be tougher, your country is being imprisoned by inferior forces.You can’t provide for yourself or your family; you are being treated as an intruder in your own home. Now you are Jonathan Swift, you aim to convey a point. One that clearly describes this situation. You aim to tell the English that life isn’t that glorious for everyone, that in the English glorious lifestyle the poor Irish are being exploited. Jonathan Swift was a well off Irish satirical essayist who took it as a mission to write about Ireland’s situation back then. His writings were characterized by a harsh satirical tone. Swift employed no mercy when it came to his satire reflections about his current situations. “A Modest Proposal” was no different; in it Swift used his well known method to inform his audience about the practices done by those in power. In “A Modest Proposal”, Swift attempted to criticize social norms and shake up the tyrannical English government. Dire circumstances call for dire methods to awake ones conscious. One of those methods is "Satire". Satire is a genre that bears no mercy. A writer
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