Brief Summary Of Jacob's Room By Jacob Flanders

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Jacob believes in her words and thinks that she is chaste and an illicit relationship develops between them. Jacob comes to know Fanny Elmer through Nick Bramham, the painter. Fanny is a thin girl with brilliant cheeks and dark hair. Jacob impresses her at their very first meeting. However, Fanny’s love for Jacob is one-sided; Jacob pities her more than he loves her. When Jacob tells her about his plan of going to Paris and Greece, the brief affair between them comes to an end. At Olympia, Jacob meets Mrs. Sandra Wentworth Williams. Her husband, Evan Williams, is an insignificant man. Jacob finds in Sandra, a model of beauty. Jacob becomes impulsive in love with her. But Sandra feels him to be a mere bumpkin. They part and never meet again.…show more content…
But still it begins with Jacob as a child, it moves from his childhood to his days at Cambridge, and his days in London as a seeker after wisdom, to the time of his disappearance in the war – his death. It tells the readers the life story of Jacob Flanders. Jacob’s Room does not arise the feeling of suspense or surprise as Jacob does not do any significant actions, he does not make any adventures. He is there and things happen to him. It is only the end which creates the feeling of shock. So, in Jacob’s Room, Woolf does not fully adopt the Modern style of the plot-less novel, but she makes an attempt to go near it.
In Jacob’s Room, the intention of the novelist is primarily to give an impression of the personality of a young Englishman. Virginia Woolf avoids the old technique of introducing the character. Here, she tries to present the character of Jacob not by showing his actions or the works he does, rather she tries to draw the character of Jacob, as other characters of the novel see him, feel about him, i.e. through other characters’ impression about him. She does not give a direct description of Jacob himself – his progress through a series of incidents and his relation with a number of
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