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The rhetoric of human rights declares the idea to be universal (universal declaration of human rights, 1948). This claim inevitably poses a seriously when one tried to theorize human rights. This paper aims to discus and assess two critiques of human rights-those made by culture relativists and those made by feminist. The essay will respond to human rights self-proclaimed universality by discussing the arguments developed by the two critiques, who deny this assumption. Firstly, the essay will explore the universality claim by human rights from a feminist perspective, which argues that the human rights discourse is an extension of a gendered international legal system that fails to take into consideration the voice of women (Gottschalk,
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How, critics demand, can women's rights be universal in the face of widespread divergences of cultural practice, when in many societies, for example, marriage is not seen as a contract between two individuals but as an alliance between lineages, and when the permissible behavior of womenfolk is central to the society's perception of its honor?And, inseparable from the issues of tradition, is the issue of religion. For religious critics of the universalist definition of human rights, nothing can be universal that is not founded on transcendent values, symbolized by God, and sanctioned by the guardians of the various faiths. They point out that the cardinal document of the contemporary human rights movement, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, can claim no such…show more content…
According to feminists, Human Rights are a product of the dominant male half of the world framed in their language reflecting their need and aspiration (Brems, 1997:137). They further argues that, while the ‘Rights of Man’ which were originally conceived by the great liberal thinkers, they were not intended to include women. Further, they state that today’s universal human rights according to feminist still overlook them as a matter of fact. This emphasizes that, the feminist critique of human rights thus, basically argues for the inclusion of human rights protection system. Feminist of all strands advance various means to realize this
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