Implication Of Internal Marketing

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As of (Al-Hawary,, january 2013) the term internal marketing appears to have been first used by Berry et al. (and later by George (1977) and Thompson et al. (1978, p. 243) and Murray (1979). Many proponents of IM follow Berry’s (1980) original view point that concentrate on its relevance to service firms in particular; and in general, by seeing the employee as an internal customer, who is an important role in delivering satisfaction to external customers, There are many definitions of internal marketing found in the past decade with some authors viewing internal marketing as either a concept, a philosophy or a management practice (e.g. Grönroos, 1985; George, 1990; Wilson, 1990 as cited by Lings, 2000). Internal marketing is defined as treating…show more content…
If an organization implements internal marketing then the organization is upgrading job satisfaction for employees which will lead definitely to enhancing the performance of the organization this is the result of a lot of researches (Tansuhaj et al. 1991; Rafiq& Ahmed, 2000; Conduit and Mavondo, 2001). An empirical study conducted on the impact of internal marketing factors on job satisfaction at commercial bank of revealed that the motivation factors, training programs, internal communication and selection and placement ,performance management system have highest influence on job satisfaction and motivation (as cited by Rajyalakshmi and Kameswari (2012)).In a study by Al-Borie (2012) to examine the impact of internal marketing on job satisfaction and organizational commitment of the teaching hospitals in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The independent variables are internal marketing factors was represented by these variables namely selection and appointment, training and development, organizational support, incentives and motivation, and retention policy, The research's findings showed that internal marketing had a positive effect on Saudi teaching hospitals physicians' job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. Internal marketing has a positive effect on the job satisfaction of hospital staff in Northern Greece. Also, doctors and male personnel seem to have greater levels of job satisfaction. Staff with time-defined work contracts with the hospital are more satisfied than permanent staff, and as the staff age, there is a slight decline in job satisfaction (Efthymios and Constantinos, 2011). Internal marketing had a positive influence to nurses' job satisfaction (Peltire et al.,

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