Criticism Of Operations Management

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Operation management is the control of operation process with planning, organization, implementation, and it is the general term of the management work closely to do the related production and service creation. From another perspective, operation management can also refer to the design, operation, evaluation and improvement of systems, which produce and supply the company's major products and services. According to the research, operation management is one of the important elements to improve the company’s productivity around the whole world. The main goal of company’s operation management is quality, cost, time and flexibility, which are the fundamental source of enterprise competitiveness. Therefore, operation management in the business has…show more content…
The decisions that the company makes also could influence the revenue, whether it is retail, manufacturing or service sectors such as education, IT or public utility. So the service delivery pipelines must be careful and effective on the organization’s design, resource, and management. 2.1 Business Strategy As we all know business strategy not only could help the company to gain competitive advantage but also could gain the advantage when its competitor offers the similar product or service. During this study, I will introduce the famous business strategy the Porter’s Generic Strategic in the world. 1. Cost Leadership Cost leadership aims to have the lowest cost in operation and lowest price in the industry. Because the low-cost leader could gain the competitive advantage in the market, which also has the ability to produce the product at the lowest cost. When the organization uses this strategy, it can gain the higher profits than other companies. So the company who implements cost leadership strategy will have high productivity and capacity. 2.…show more content…
Quality Although various industries have many players, customers may prefer to deal with only a few firms because of quality issues. Consequently, most companies have made quality as their core competitiveness in the market. In this case, quality refers to the characteristics of a product that customers view as significant such as durability, high performance, and longevity. As Kapferer (2012) claims, companies that want to use quality as a competitive advantage have to research the idea of quality from the consumer’s perceptive. Two different dimensions include the high-performance design as well as product and service consistency that add up to the quality core competitiveness. If a product has a high-performance design, then it will be durable or have superior characteristics so that it can achieve its functions efficiently. On the other hand, services with high-performance design are offered through exceptional customer service. Quality is also a measure of consistency, so the final product has the design specifications that the consumer

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