Criticism: The Minister's Black Veil

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In the early ages, American Romanticism was spread throughout much of the country and spread. Many types of romanticism went from art and to music. The Minister's Black Veil is a parable showing religious or moral reasons. As stated "Hawthorne's tales provides a rich mine for criticism" (Berry). This quote is stating much of the fact that Nathaniel Hawthorne's parable for the Black Veil is relating to this, showing most of the criticism towards Mr. Hooper for wearing the black veil. Views on Mr. Hooper are all appointed in different ways, but some view him as a Romantic character. Mr. Hooper was part of the church and would speak during the masses. He was a great preacher and great man. People liked him as a preacher and he loved teaching…show more content…
Shows the dark side of the person. Secondly, is the soul of a young maiden that had died, and the faces from the deceased at the graveyard. " Saddening all the street, with the dead before them, and Mr. Hooper in his black veil" (pg.6). This quote is showing how the deceased are buried and Hooper is standing in front of them looking at them. Another main part of symbolism is his wife and loved ones. He had only but his one loved one. His wife was his main part. Although he loved his wife very much he didn't want to tell her the sin that he has done. "The dismal shade must separate me from the world: even you, Elizabeth, can never come behind it" At this point, he is telling his fiance that no one would be able to see his face under the veil. He is too ashamed to even tell his own wife what he did. His fiance ends up leaving him and Hooper stays lonely and depressed until he dies. Mr. Hooper was also afraid of himself. He saw his own reflection which scared him. He looked so dark and evil with the veil on he couldn't recognize who he was but deep down he knew he had to wear that gown until his time came which him passing away and hopefully for no one to figure out wat the sin

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