Criticism Vs Rule Utilitarianism

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much can be gained from ethical theory utilitarianism, more specifically rule utilitarianism. In this essay, I will explain what rule utilitarianism is and two of its types. I will discuss situations where rule utilitarianism can be looked at as somewhat morally wrong , to show an objection on the theory. I will give an objection to how the general guiding rules are made and also to give an analytical view on the principle of utility. Utilitarianism is a popular type of consequentialism, rule utilitarianism is a form of utilitarianism. Utilitarians think that happiness is the measure to judge the consequences, whether the action is right or wrong depends almost entirely on the good or bad consequences. Rule utilitarianism argues that if you obey the rules it will benefit the larger number of sentinel beings. more absolutist then relative, based on past experience. Rules generally promote the greater good, it is intended to guide us to make the best decisions for what needs to be done. Two different forms of Rule utilitarianism, firstly strong rule utilitarianism were the rules are absolute and give no reason to break the rules at any time or place. A weak rule utilitarian could be prepaired to brake rules for the greater good , which offers possible solutions to the weaknesses of strong rule rules . rules can help people with less cognitive ability to benefit each other in the long run. utilitarian rules can help humans understand both higher and lower quality of
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