Criticisms Of Boarding School

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Dear Mr Rusbridger, I am writing with regards to the articles “Acceptable Cruelty” and “ The British boarding school remains a bastion of cruelty” by George Monbiot. After reading the articles, I have two concerns. First, that sending children to boarding school at a very young age may indeed harm their development. Second, that Monbiot’s negative personal experiences have led to him giving an unfair account of boarding schools.

I am concerned to hear that children as young as three, according to your writer, are taken from their families and put in boarding schools. I also agree that taking children when they are very young might harm children’s development or bonding with their parents.

However, after around the age of 10, children become socially independent. They make friends outside their family’s social circles. They are mature enough to spend time away from their families, but not mature enough to make all of their own decisions. Therefore, boarding schools create a platform for children to learn and to grow under responsible supervision.

In both of his articles, Monbiot compares boarding schools to extreme environments. I find this hyperbole unhelpful and feel that it undermines any credible arguments he makes. Boarding schools are not prisons. They are not comparable to nightmaresque abusive children’s homes for pitiful children from troubled backgrounds or orphans. Boarding school students attend these schools as they will provide
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