Criticisms Of Peacekeeping

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The criticisms of peacekeeping missions include the use of force and human trafficking which can be eradicated through improving the ability of peacekeeping operations use of force (and avoid using) and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) framework.

‘Peace Operations’ applies to all United Nations (UN) missions which involves military personnel on peacekeeping operations, humanitarian missions, traditional peacekeeping, peace enforcement missions or expanded peacekeeping. It also includes non-UN missions such as North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or ad hoc coalition of states be it with a UN Security Council mandate or not.
‘Peace Enforcement’ refers to peace operations which are mandated by the UN Security Council (UNSC)
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DPKO’s framework towards human trafficking will aid supplement missions with effective policy guidance and operational tools to allow peacekeepers better understanding of the issues faced on the ground.

Peacekeeping are being defined by UN as missions involving military personnel without enforcement powers whom UN has undertaken to restore or help maintain international peace and security in areas of conflict. Peacekeeping have three key characteristics: (1) all parties have more or less voluntary consent on the presence and activities of the mission; (2) peacekeepers’ impartiality in their relationships with the parties; and (3) minimum use of force, only as last resort and self-defense. It is also a tool which prevents, manages and resolves conflict. Their intention are to be enablers than to be enforcers with no enemies and there not to win. The effectiveness of being in such operations is highly dependent on voluntary cooperation. Peacekeepers has to be trusted by various parties, dealings has to done with clarity and transparency and having an open
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By doing so, this would improve the capability of UN to readily deploy and manage peace operations. It will also significantly raise their ability to deploy militarily capable forces and use them effectively. The use of force’s necessities and appropriateness would be put into practice. However in reality, many uncertainties on the legal basis have a real and negative impact on decision making in UN peacekeeping operations which often result in unfortunate consequences including the harm of

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