Criticism's Theory Of Feminist Theory

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Feminism is one of the critical and theoretical studies that are reshaping literary studies. Many feminist theories have been developed in different places and different periods of time. Each of these theories and studies criticize the way that the economic, political or traditional systems deal with women’s rights. Some of the feminist perspectives protest against the distinction and discrimination against women in modern society (Johnson 57). In this paper I will concentrate on how some feminist theories approach objectification by reviewing many different definitions of objectification; second I will explain the wrong thing about objectification and then what is ok about to see if they all those feminist critics agree about the idea of objectification. First of all, I will review different definition about the idea of objectification to see if they all have identical definition of identification. In 1995, Martha Nussbaum describes seven ways that are included to deal with women as an object. For instance “instrumentality” which illustrates how women are treated as a tool when somebody uses it as needed or “denial autonomy” which means the dealing with a woman as dependent who doesn’t have a “self-determination” (Papdaki 1) After that Some feminists focus on the way of dealing and treating with women as an object and the main concern is on sexual objectification. This theory is definitely explaining the sexual side as one of the means of women’s
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