Critique Of Leadership Critique

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MSc in Project Management
MGMT- 0000105 Learning and Leading in a Dynamic Era

Module 1 – Unit 4 Leadership Critique

Author: Giorgio Pesci
Date: 22nd October 2014

An organization that wants to achieve outperforming results and become a business model needs to have Level 5 leaders that will be able to recognize all resources levels and position actions and people in the right place. This is not the only component that transforms an organization from poor or average to great, transactional and transformational traits on a leader and organization mind-set can be an addition and the right combination to level 5 hierarchy.

The goal of this critique is to highlight the possibility of coexistence between Transactional, Transformational and Level 5 theories and determine their interactions using a comparative and quantitative approach in the attempt to create a tool for personal leadership development.

Description of Leadership Theories

Transactional Leadership
In transactional leadership, “followers are motivated by the leaders ' promises, praise, and rewards. The leaders react to whether the followers carry out what the leaders and followers have transacted to do (Bass and Steidlmeier P., 1999).”
Transformational Leadership
In Transformational leadership, “followers identify with the charismatic leaders ' aspirations and want to emulate the leaders (Bass, 1999).”
Level 5
“A level 5 executive builds enduring greatness through a
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