Critique Of Natural Law

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Critique on Natural Law Jason Leong ICS 390 Dr. Crosby & Dr. Ogawa Introduction Imagine yourself in a sinking ship where the lifeboat can only fit 10 of the 12 passengers on the ship. What do you do? Do you only take the first 10? One who follows the concept of natural law would attempt to get everyone the lifeboat regardless. Everyone has a right to life and that is just one of the beliefs to natural law. Natural law takes into consideration both the moral beliefs and dilemmas that come with each situation. “Natural law theorists believe that human laws are defined by morality, and not by an authority figure, like a king or a government.” (McKenna) In a situation such as the sinking boat, those who follow natural law believe that everyone is entitled to their own life and if we were to leave them on the sinking boat it would be an act of murder. Unlike government laws where it is either limited to within the state or country, one of the greatest aspects of natural law is the belief that it should be available to everyone. “The idea that every person anywhere in the world is entitled to certain rights, which others must respect is deeply attractive.” The structure of a human right in law (Numakula 1) Natural Law attempts to identify the fundamentals and the basic human needs that are required to live a good life. But, like many other laws, natural law has its own its own pros and cons that need to be addressed Pros of Natural Law Natural Law is
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