Critique Of Patriotism In Dave Barry's Red White And Beer

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Critique Essay It often said that love makes the world go round, but patriotism can make or break a nation. If a man is to show patriotism to his country, he will put his life on the line for it on the battlefront or at the very least purchase a product that is locally manufactured. The ‘patriotic’ act of buying a locally- made product, contributes to the economic enhancement of the country or, simply gives one the impression of feeling patriotic. This theme is what Dave Barry strives to put across in his piece titled ‘Red White and Beer’. He uses satire and irony to show how marketers of locally made products are taking advantage of the ordinary man’s loyalty to his country to sell their product. This essay will hence provide a critical analysis of the piece by Barry, set out some of the stylistic devices he uses to pass his message and give an opinion on whether he succeeds in the delivery of his message. Discussion Besides being a humorous piece of work, Dave Barry exhibits to his readers the effect that loyalty to one’s country can have on the sales and advertising of goods and services. He demonstrates how virtually any product notwithstanding its bogusness it is, can sell well. Provided the advertisers can make it seem having possession of the product is a show of patriotism. He laments that the Miller beer tastes like “rat saliva” but that is a non-issue since consuming it is a show of loyalty (Red, White, and Beer, para.2). Everyone wants to be seen as a patriot

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