Critique Of Prison Speech Analysis

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The first speech that I listened to was from a young woman who was seemingly composed and put together. However, as her speech continues she exposes herself to the audience as an addict and a convicted felon. This came as quite a surprise because she looked so ordinary and tame. As she continued on with her speech, she began to speak about the prison society which she claimed had given her her life back. Specifically, she mentioned her mentor who had given her a support network as well as employment. This was heartwarming to think that there are genuinely good people willing to devote their own time to help others get a second chance. Furthermore, she was speaking about how harshly the people in contemporary society view ex-offenders. Certainly, the people in society who are judging these former convicts are not helping these people to move forward from their pasts. I honestly believe that this immediate judgement that so many people place on ex-offenders just further isolates them, and ultimately makes it harder for them to make the transition back into civilization. People who stereotype prisoners, convicted felons, and inmates make it easier for them to slip into old dangerous habits. The main goal of the speech was to make other people aware of how our society needs to improve on…show more content…
He spoke about how he tries to be a good advocate for all of his clients. He spoke about how his clients need someone that they can trust and talk to on the outside because not all people have this. He explained that his clients have non-legal issues that they struggle with, and as their public defender he finds himself helping them with a lot of non-legal problems. He also said that in his sincerest opinion the United States has a pitiful criminal justice system and that it must be revised. He made the point that the ex-convicts that he works for need support and determination to get out of the criminal justice

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