Critique Of Rhetorical Shortcomings In English 1301

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In my spring semester of English 1301, I was required to view reading and writing in a drastically new way. This steep learning curve highlighted my weaknesses as a writer and textual analyst. I have learned a great deal in my time as an English student, however I have much to learn about professional and colligate writing. The work I conducted on brief assignment two showed me that I had to work on understanding the difference between summary and paraphrase. I then discovered I found it hard to determine the author’s intended audience and purpose. This was made apparent to me in the grader’s remarks of brief assignment four. One of these key critiques was, “The audiences (and purposes) you have discussed above for each of the articles are too vague.” After I was made aware of my rhetorical shortcomings I reread every…show more content…
I didn’t understand how to explain whom the rhetorical devices targeted and how they explain the author’s purpose. I was able to understand this concept when I was in class and my professor explained it in great detail. I was able to look at an example and see just what the author intended to say. The multitude of writing critiques also helped me understand my shortcomings in English 1301. There is a lot more work to fully analyzing a text and I will still need help in the future to make sure I have analyzed the texted completely. Finally my grammar has improved constantly throughout the course. I was able to see my mistakes and how to fix them when I was able to read my grader’s notes. Altering each of my common mistakes helped me understand how to write with correct grammar. The feedback I would get from the instructors helped to improve my rhetorical analysis paper. I learned to ask for assistance when I encountered a problem. I have come to understand that I struggle when it comes to colligate writing; so receiving help and feedback is
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