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Marathi Theatre is a work of art which is considered to have an extremely rich viewpoint in Indian culture. It is Mumbai and Pune from where the Marathi Theatre started, with the beginning of dramatizations by Vishnupath Bhave, who worked on the tragic and amorous themes. Vishnupath represented considerable authority in carefree absurd subjects; hilariously slaughtering the contemporary social improvements giving a favorable stage to the forthcoming great work. Sangeet Shrada is appropriately the pioneer of social Marathi show, inebriating with its creative and dynamic central focuses. Marathi theatre has dependably been viewed as a standout amongst…show more content…
Even though it lacked in this field it still contributed more in the area of theatre. The middle classes and the higher classes always had the upper hand on the Marathi theatre. The people of these classes had limited experience because of which the plays written by them also had less range of extension which resulted in the limitation of the Marathi theatre. By the year 1870s, with the plays Swairasakesha which represented how the widows are expected to shave their hair, the status of women in the society also became a point of discourse. Later, by the year 1890s, things changed. Pro-women plays like Sharda came into existence, where social problems like widowhood, child marriage and girl’s education were…show more content…
Moreover, Marathi shows are sharp, witty and extremely rich in substance. They make you think even hours after you 've watched a show. Marathi theatre is developing with more up to date thoughts, more current ideas and a great deal more trials. No other place in India has such an extensive amount of business theatre like that in

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