Critique Of The Theory Of Clash Of Civilization

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Critique of clash of civilization

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The theory of clash of civilization
The clash of civilization is a theory by Samuel Huntington which states that peoples cultural and religion identities are the root source of conflict in the post-cold war. Clash of civilization is a theory referencing the clash of cultures ( Choeung.slide share).according to Huntington ( 1996,p84) “the most pervasive, important, and dangerous conflicts will not be between social classes, rich, poor, or other economically defined groups, but between peoples belonging to different cultural entities” .
Huntington also states that conflicts between civilizations are likely to be caused by religious means. And this is to the fact that civilizations are distinguished from other culture through history, language, culture and most important religion (Huntington, 1993, 25).
Huntington states that people’s culture and religion will be the main cause of conflict from onward. “People are discovering new but often old identities and marching under new but often old flags which lead to wars with new but often old enemies” (Huntington, 1996, 80) .example is the clash of Islamic culture and western a result this clash between these this two worlds was mainly on their different view, which is the secular view and religious view.
Civilization will clash because
Huntington believes that Nations are aligning themselves along cultural lines, and this will lead to
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