Critique On Race And Gender

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Saranna Morley
November 29, 2015
Journal Article Critique

The article “Race and Gender and Bias in Three Administrative Context: Impact on Work Assignments in State Supreme Courts”, by Christensen, Szmer, and Stritch seeks to address if certain types of administration processes better inhibit race and gender prejudices that may surface in the workplace. The authors compared the effects of three distinct administrative settings on race, gender, and other biases in the workload assignments of state Supreme Court justices—important public policy making settings that have been understudied in public administration.
It’s clear from the beginning that the article will be more on the complex side. The authors do not
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For example, the Mississippi Supreme Court on Thursday ordered that all assignments of civil cases to trial judges be done in a random fashion. The Supreme Court states, "The purpose of this rule is to prevent 'judge shopping ' within a district or court. Although voluntary dismissal is allowed under Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure 41 at any time prior to service by the adverse party of an answer or summary judgment, when a civil case is so dismissed and then refiled immediately thereafter with no substantial change in the parties or claims, such practice, as an example, may be taken as a willful violation of this rule." Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Edwin L. Pittman felt the problem is a few members of the bar are trying to manipulate the system to get the judge that they want. By getting the judge of their choosing, prosecutors could possibly manipulate the system in order to have verdicts turn out in their favor because of a relationship or bond with a specific…show more content…
Overall, the article was fairly decent. It was not very easy to follow, as state before; I had to research outside of the article for more clarification on certain words and procedures. The information used was quite old as well. The article was written in 2012 and majority of the information was from the early to late 90’s. One chart that would have been very useful if it was up to date contained information from 1995. The author even stated in the article how some of the information was outdated.
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