Summary Of Crito's Three Arguments

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Matthew Lee Stanton Philosophy 101 Dr. C. Scott Sevier Paper 1 Critos 's Three Arguments The first of Crito 's three arguments is Crito feels he will be losing a friend and that people will think he had the money to save him but did nothing. Nothing is worse than people thinking you care more about money than friendship. (Crito,44c). Crito seems to be afraid of the majority rule since the majority can inflict the most harm. Crito does not want Socrates to think that money is the issue. Crito and others have the money to bribe the informers and wants Socrates to let go of his fears if he has any because it is well worth the risk. (Crito,45a.) Crito believes he will be welcome in cities such as Thessaly where he has friends that…show more content…
(Crito,45d). Crito believes you should not have kids or stay with them to the end, raising them and educating them. Crito believes that the trial was unfair and should have never happened so with that said not doing anything to save Socrates or Socrates not saving himself is cowardly and unmanly. Socrates Counter-Arguments The first of Socrates counter arguments is about the opinions of men and whether you should listen to some peoples opinions, but not to others. (Crito,46d). Socrates uses an example of a physical trainer. He asks if you should listen to any man or the man who is a doctor or trainer. (Crito,47b). Socrates applies this to just and unjust actions and refers to the not just life, but the good life. This does not have anything to do with the majority rule but with the one truth. (Crito,48a). Socrates agrees that if we can prove it is just to escape then he will. (Crito,48c.) Socrates second counter argument seems to be that you should never do wrong. (Crito.49b). He believes the city raised him like a child from birth so retaliating is the same as striking your parents down. (Crito,50e). Socrates believes your country should be honored more than your parents or ancestors and by not doing so is not godly. Turning your back on your country is doing the wrong thing, so to escape is
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