Crito Socrates: The Importance Of Life

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In Crito Socrates in locked up in jail awaiting his death after being convicted and tried. While he is in jail a friend, Crito, visits him worried about Socrates and his impending doom. He wants to help Socrates escape. Crito at first want to help Socrates for his image. He fears the majority and what they can say about him favoring money over friends. Crito then continues to say that Socrates should not fear the implications his escape can have on his friends. Then he goes on exclaiming that letting himself die for nothing is unjust, Socrates would be betraying his sons and what he is doing by staying is not only evil but also shameful. Socrates does not believe so. Socrates exclaims that “whether we should act in this way or not, as not only…show more content…
The opinions of experts in all matters should be regarded over the opinions of people without adequate knowledge. This is not only referring to matters of the body, but also matters of higher importance; justice and injustice. “… if we ruin that which is improved by health and corrupted by disease by not following the opinions of those who know, is life worth living for us when it is ruined?” (pg. 50). By listening to the masses and ignoring the experts, when considering matters of health, we risk ruining our health and consequently our lives. Life can be corrupted and ruined by listening to the wrong opinions, and a corrupted life has less worth. This matters even more with matters that involve one’s principles that involve justice and injustice, since the part concerning these matters is more valuable than matters concerning the body. Socrates proposes this argument to say that the majority don’t have the opinions that matter and one should value the advice of experts in all cases, especially ones involving justice and injustice. When considering opinions of others you must try to listen to the opinions that will allow you to live a good life and not go against your own principles, otherwise you risk corrupting your

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