Crocco's Exemplification Essay: Where Do You Stand?

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A rider on horseback raced up Blue Hills Road. William recognized Crocco riding tall in the saddle as the horse closed the distance to the farmhouse. Crocco pulled back on the reins when the horse reached the porch. “Where are you off to in such a hurry?” William asked. “Coming for you. There’s a man at the front gate. He says he’s ridden from Boston. He claims to be a mail carrier for the postal service.” “Postal service?” “Yes. He’s handing out newspapers filled with articles about new state governments taking root. Here, take my horse and ride down there,” Crocco said, climbing down from his mount and handing William the reins. William climbed into the saddle and rode to the bottom of Blue Hills Road. He saw a man in a tricorn colonial hat standing next to his horse at the front gate talking to several farmhands. The man wore a satchel with the letters USPS branded in the brown leather slung across his shoulders. William pulled back on the reins, climbed out of the saddle, and handed the reins to one of…show more content…
Where Do You Stand? William skimmed the article. The article detailed efforts underway in Boston, Providence, Montpelier, and Augusta to reconstitute the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine state governments. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine had scheduled state constitutional conventions to meet on Thanksgiving Day to repeal and replace the changes made to their state constitutions, and reconstitute centralized authority. The article noted that Connecticut and New Hampshire were the only New England states that had not yet taken steps to reconstitute state government. The article appealed to the citizens of Connecticut and New Hampshire, urging them to come together and organize state government in Hartford and Concord. Once state governments were reconstituted, the New Republic called for the creation of a New England Confederation of

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