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This article was about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. This is relevant to our course because in order to treat diseases like this we need to know how the body works in order to create treatment plans such as the ones in this article. I know of a few different people who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. It really is not as uncommon as I thought. Reading this article kept me interested since I know people who have it. This made it easier to learn about because I would think about my family members and how they each have to deal with this disease. I wanted to learn more information so I could better understand what is going on with my family members who have Crohn’s disease. Since I was the only student who participated in the group discussion, I would have liked it better if I could have heard other students’ tell their personal relationship with someone who has inflammatory bowel disease. Also, I learn better if a student explains a complicated concept to me rather than a textbook or teacher. Sometimes if a classmate says something, then that helps me to…show more content…
This is important to remember down the road because instead of waiting uncomfortably, you or your patient could remember the symptoms and suggest to your doctor that you think it might be inflammatory bowel disease. This would save time and discomfort. I was also informed during the discussion how hygiene can have an impact on Crohn’s disease because it will affect the immune system. A fact that I found interesting is that inflammatory bowel disease can be caused by hereditary through your genes, but also because of your smoking status. This is just another reason why people should not smoke. If you have a condition like this in your family, then you should really be aware and get checked by a gastroenterologist who specialize in this

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