Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience With Cromarty Fishery

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I had been anticipating today since the beginning of the trip. From the start I was excited and anxious to work with the Cromarty Fishery. After the events of today, I am glad to say that it all went well. It has been a long day, so I will start from the beginning. Michelle and I gotten ready and left the house at 7:30 to walk to campus. As always, the walk took thirty minutes and we arrived at school at 8am just as planned. It was good that we got their early because it gave my group time to read over our presentation together and make sure we said everything we needed to. When I first greeted Chrissy this morning her voice was raspy and I quickly thought that she would not be able to carry out her part of the talk. Gladly that assumption was wrong. The first group to present was the Prickly Thistle girls. I enjoyed their talk. About researching the jet industry and how Claire could get into it. I was surprised to find out that they had emailed many very profitable businesses in order to gauge their product with potential buyers. Ashleigh had a positive attitude when tell how many companies did not reply and how the few that did had vague responses. I am sure it would be hard to be enthusiastic about a disappointing response and I think she dealt with it in a…show more content…
I thought that Conner did a great job of starting off the presentation and setting the tone. I enjoyed listening to their presentation. I think the only thing that could have helped them would have been to have a better visual representation of how the portable sand pit would look once on the course. That part was still a bit confusing to me but I figured if Josh could have explained it better he would have so I did not want to bother him with the question. The print out’s that they had made were very nicely put together. It was a great presentation of how good their group was at the business aspect of the case
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