Crooked House Analysis

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“And they all lived together in a little crooked house,” Sophia, the granddaughter of the Aristide Leonides, said quietly. This statement is very enigmatic and mysterious. The word ‘crooked’ displays the dark mood of the novel and foreshadows the ominous incident that will happen in that ‘crooked’ house. The book Crooked House by Agatha Christie illustrates the murder of Aristide Leonides, the head of the Leonides family. He was found to be dead due to the overdose of the eserine, which is a drug used in Alzheimer disease. In the crooked house, everyone can be a murderer; everyone has their own motives to commit a murder. During the investigation, every one of the family members seemed to be protective for each other; however, they all slightly wished the murderer to be the right person. Aristide Leonides, a victim of the crime, was a wealthy Greek patriarch. Although he was rich, he was an economist; he didn’t waste money on meaningless things. He also had warm heart which attracted females of any age. In result, Aristide married to a beautiful young woman named Brenda overcoming their age difference of fifty three years. Because there were so many cases where young women married to rich, old men kill their husband to gain all of the money, people’s suspicions focused on Brenda. Laurence Brown, a tutor for two grandchildren, Eustace and Josephine, was also suspected for having love affairs with Brenda. Having both a narrator and an investigator role, Charles Hayward leads
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