Crooked Letter Introduction Essay

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The Introduction of Tom Franklin
The phrase Crooked-letter, Crooked-letter, which is also the name of a book written by famous author Tom Franklin, is a pneumonic device used to teach children (mostly Southern children) how to spell Mississippi. M, I, crooked-letter, crooked-letter, I, Crooked-Letter, Crooked-Letter, I, humpback, humpback, I. ("Q&A with Author Tom Franklin.") Crooked-letter, Crooked letter is similar to Tom Franklin’s life. In the novel, the character Larry and his father work in a car repair shop, and Larry likes to read books very much. This is very similar to Tom Franklin’s life because he was employed as a heavy equipment operator at a sandblasting grit factory, and Tom Franklin likes to read books very much, and even write books. Tom Franklin is an American writer and has written many other books that are also relative to his life and experiences.
Aside from writing books, Tom Franklin has accomplished a lot during his lifetime. Tom Franklin was born in 1963 in the southern town of Alabama. In 1981, his family moved to
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Tom Franklin had been wanting to write about a small-town police officer, and he had long had the image of a loner mechanic in my mind. When he put the two together, the story began to form. ("Q&A with Author Tom Franklin.") Art comes from life, but higher than life. Larry and Tom Franklin are similar because Larry and he both like Stephen King as a child, Larry's lots of stories are from himself. In some sense, Tom Franklin had a few black friends. But he couldn't talk about he had a few black friends. In fact, he gave clothes for black women and her daughters in the cold winter, but they are like Silas and Alice and smile like woodsmoke. His the first date happened much as Larry’s does, except my date didn’t disappear. Toward the end of the writing of the book, I was rather shocked at how much of my own past I’d used with
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