Crooks Marginaliized In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Max Alexander Mrs. McGuire English 9 2 may 2017 Crooks Imagine being a black man on an all white farm back in the 1930’s where the Jim Crow Laws were in place. In the book “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, Crooks is also treated with disrespect by his boss. Whenever the boss gets mad, the boss takes it out on Crooks. If Crooks does anything people don 't like, he can get easily killed. He is usually lonely and sits in his room all night and reads books, life is very hard on this farm while Jim Crow laws were still in effect. In the book Crooks is marginalized and excluded from almost anything the guys do on the farm, for example, when everyone goes into town Crooks stays in his room and reads books. Crooks is marginalized because he is isolated, he is threatened by the other people on the farm, and the boss takes out his anger on Crooks. An…show more content…
For example Curley 's wife threatens crooks while lennie is in Crooks room, Curley 's wife threatens to kill crooks. Crooks is usually scared to talk because he usually threatened, for example when he tried to tell Curley 's wife something she just says, “ I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain 't even funny” (Steinbeck 81). This quote shows us that Curley 's wife threatens Crooks in a racist way. This action is an example that Crooks is afraid to act out because his race. This quote from my research shows us the isolation of blacks in the Jim Crow days. A quote from Lee Sustar shows us the isolation of Crooks because of segregation, “Black workers who tried to organize often found themselves a target of lynch mobs, in both the north of south”. This shows us that if Crooks tries to rebel he could get lynched by the others on the farm because he is outnumbered by race on the farm. Crooks has it the worst on the farm because he has a lot of fear on the farm. Crooks is marginalized in many other ways not just fear on
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