Croove Marketing Strategy

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4.3 Promotion
4.3.1 Define target audience
The target audience will be identified based on the target customer.
4.3.2 Identify objective
According to Constantinides, E. (2006), the promotion, a factor of marketing mix, needs to be able to deliver values to customer as well as creating and maintaining positive image combined with favorable attitudes towards Croove. This shows a similarity with the main objective of this marketing plan. Customers need to be impressed by Croove’s brand and ready to immediately come up with Croove brand image whenever and wherever they hear any topic related to cars. Moreover, a successful Promotion plan also drive the customers to recommend their friends or relatives to purchase other products. Then the brand
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It contains several communities such as friends, relative, experienced buyers, etc. that will give discussions about the product as well as feedback, sharing information and opinions among the communities. That is the reason why Google Ad-words, one of the most common methods for the products online advertisement, is probable to become an effective personal communication channel. This channel can support Croove for more frequent appearance and on top search when Internet users seek for related words or texts. Besides, Facebook can be mentioned as a popular and fashionable tool nowadays. Since targeted customers are employees who may rarely spend time watching advertisements on TV or listening to radio but Facebook, Facebook is a tool for them to check others buyers’ review before making purchase decision. Facebook can also help Croove to expand its reputation to non-targeted customers. Furthermore, this channel is low-cost and easy to access that implies the ‘Word-of-mouth’ driven sales which guarantees a significant boost for the campaign. According to Tomse and Snoj (2014), buyers who interact with messages through social media channel tend to have more positive attitude towards the product than other traditional…show more content…
Advertisements of Croove can be shown in crowded bus-stop location, underground or train station around London area. Since the targeted customers are employment who may not own any private transportation, they will pay frequent visits to these places. Daily exposure to Croove image as they are, buyers will eventually be impressed and may tend to search it on social media for further recommendation when they have demand related to the product.
Television Advertising is also one of the channels but less favorable due to its costliness. Yet Croove products are considered important to have advertisements on TV to attract more diversified types of customers regarding the fact that one of the major benefits of TV advertising is to reach a large quantity of audience. What is more, TV advertising can attract attentions of the customers, which make it easier to transmit the message to targeted audience and create impression among the viewers. Therefore, the suggestion is that TV advertising should be conducted as a short-term advertising in the

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