Cross Border Love Story Analysis

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Cross-border love stories mostly depict stories of two people from completely different cultures and societies coming together. It can be between people from two countries, two states, or even two very different cities. Although here, in the subcontinent, these cross border stories can also be used to portray the relationship between Pakistan and India. For other countries, it is to show the relationship along with how the culture and societies differ from each other. It is interesting to see two people who are very different fall in love and overcome the obstacles created by their differences. That is why writers use this concept quite often. Another interesting aspect of these cross-border love stories are shown through spy-movies. Where they use international affairs of two countries to depict a…show more content…
In 2 States, when Krish is having lunch at Ananya’s place, but feels left out as he cannot understand Tamil and they usually talk in that language. When he politely asks them to speak in Hindi since he can’t understand Tamil, Ananya’s father replies, “Toh tum Tamil seekh lo.” In Our Family Wedding, when Lucia’s family finds out that Marcus is Black, there’s a mass-panic that rises in his family, and in all the chaos, everyone starts speaking in Spanish. Marcus, who does not understand Spanish is all confused and lost as to what he is supposed to do, since he doesn’t understand a word they are speaking. But the biggest language problem experienced was in Bandish. When the girl rescues Faisal from the beach and takes her homes, she realizes that he has lost his memory. But since the girl is Indonesian and Faisal is Pakistani, they have a huge language issue as both have no idea what the other one is saying. But they eventually overcome the issue as Faisal teaches her Urdu. And the song AchaAchaLage Re also show the language barriers being overcomed.
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