Cross Border Movie Analysis

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In cross border love stories revolving around India and Pakistan, the angst against each other is also depicted through the characters. Althought it is a lot more common in spy movie like Kurban, Agent Vinod, EkTha Tiger etc, but it is also sometimes shown in romantic comedies in a humorous way, like in Total SiyappaAman points out, “Yeh Hindu-Muslim kamaamla nahi hai, yeh Hindustan-Pakistan kibaathai.” In Total Siyappa, after a chaotic day, Aman and Asha vent out on each other, having an intense argument, which begins with their personal issues, but goes up to all the main Pakistan-India issues. Like ISI-Raw, Kashmir issues, Osama Bin Laden, political corruption, etc. It is also quite common for police and international organization to assume that Pakistanis and Indians are always spying on each other. In this scene from Total SiyappawhenAman, is talking on phone to his girlfriend Asha. They are talking about the fact…show more content…
Even though there are a lot of clashes, these movies are very culturally rich in showing the tradition and values of their community such as the movie Bandish where a full Indonesian wedding is shown in Bali. And BalleBalle Amritsar to LA (Bride and Prejudice) shows a detailed account of an Indian wedding. Most movies have an happy end with the lovers reuniting but Bandish made an exception on its ending as the wife committed suicide as he wanted to see her husband happy with another women that he loved before her. This Sher by MirzaGhalib describe this situation very well. Rahiyeabaisijagaachalkarjahaan koi na ho, Hum-sukhan koi na ho, aur hum-zabaan koi na ho. Parriye gar beemaar to koi na ho teemar’daaar, Aur agar marrjaayiye to noha-khuwaan koi na

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