Cross Country: A Short Story

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Hello, I am Micha Reed! I attend Arcadia High School & am considered a student-athlete. We were at the biggest meet of the year in Cross Country. The tension was high, I told my coach that the season hasn’t been the hottest for me & this is the meet where I show what I have been training hard for. The mens 3-mile race was about to start & we had to check in at the start line. It was weird because, on the way to the start line the grass felt funny! Like the ground was too soft. But I just forgot about it because, it had rained the day before.

When all the teams got to the start line the officials came & checked us and told us the race instructions. After he finished telling the instruction he yelled “SET”…………..”Gun Shot”. Everyone getting
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It looked to be that we landed in an underground cave & it seemed to be that we were 100ft underground. The cave was really big , but it also was dark & it was about 5:00pm so it was approaching night time. Obviously we were focused on getting out , but the Cross Country meet was held in a desert & we were 3 hours away from the nearest fire department , so we knew we weren’t going to get out any time soon. Everyone decided to stay together because , we didn’t know if it were any animals in the caves because , we know bears & other animals would be in the cave! We decided we would need to roam the cave for something to eat. So we started walking around the cave & we after like 10 mins of walking , we saw light ! We ran to the light because , we thought it was a way out but , it turned out being an island ! It was weird because, how did an island get 100+ below ground. The weird thing is that it was the nicest island you could ever see. It had palm trees, tiki sculptures, baby blue water, coconut trees, & sand as soft as a baby’s bottom! We couldn’t believe it , it was weird ! about 30 minutes ago we were running a 3.0 mile race & now we are standing on a beach , it was like a vacation. Everyone was so shocked, we were sad we weren’t with our families & we weren’t running , but this is a one in a
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