Cross-Country Race Process Analysis

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The pound of my heart and the gasps for oxygen in the last stretch of a cross country race demonstrate my body’s resilience in a strenuous situation. All of my body systems work tirelessly together in order to keep my feet moving across the finish line. The countless hours of preparation beforehand have been to train and prepare these systems to power me through a race, even when I want to give up. Much like a cross country race, over the semester I have learned that hard work beforehand pays off. The more I studied and prepared for tests, the better I would do. I learned that the only way to success in school was to take initiative and responsibility for each and every assignment. By reviewing podcasts and other notes in class I was able to successfully stay on task and focused to complete long term assignments. I discovered meaning behind these assignments as…show more content…
Training my body to endure in a situation where it’s completely exhausted requires all of my systems to be functioning properly and healthily, which is where the immune system earns its importance. White blood cells, consisting of specialized B and T cells create proteins called antibodies through protein synthesis. Specific proteins are coded for through transcription in the nucleus of these cells and then translated into proteins that travel through the body in order to effectively single out a pathogen. These proteins neutralize and attack foreign invaders in order to keep my body functioning at 100% for an upcoming race. This process is constantly happening and miraculously keeps my body disease free, to give it the best chance of breathing and performing at its best when it’s tired. While sick, mucus can build up in the lungs causing strain on the respiratory system. With breathing already difficult during a race, it’s vital the immune system fends of invaders to keep my body and lungs in the best possible
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