Cross Country Team Analysis

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An Analysis of a Cross Country Team Success comes from the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, and a cross country team demonstrates this through the obligation and contribution of each person involved, consisting of; coaches, training/recruiting staff, equipment, facilities, the school, and most well known, competitors, the runners. These runners deserve a great deal of acclaim and credit for the effort and obligation they contribute through their performance. Although running focuses on the individualized aspect of competition, a heavy emphasis of teamwork is granted. The everlasting endurance these runners have aquired come from the work of many ‘behind the scenes’ actions, coming through precise details and planning. No single person,…show more content…
Yes the runners endure the painful races and agonizing workouts, but the coaches have to have the intelligence to plan what to do. The coaches and training staff must receive, and should receive some of the attention and credit the runners earn from their performances. The execution of these tasks results in success for everyone involved. Some of which the coaches’ importance comes into play is planning and organizing specific runs, which may include; long runs, fartleks, tempos, track workouts, and hill workouts. Also mattering much the aerobic exercise without constant everyday pounding of the legs. The good coaches know when their runners need an easy day, or a rest day. And, the best coaches know why these days are so important, letting the body recover and build back strength. Because each runner varies, coaches must accompany each runner’s differences in runs. These may include different workouts on different days, different food choices, weight lifting, and again, recovery days. As mentioned previously, coaches must know how to adapt to each individualized runner. Running coaches ensure that the athletes are working hard, but not too hard, as this could lead to injury. The coaches must provide the motivation to dominate a race, as well as the mental and emotional support as these runners perform a very physically and mentally daunting task. After all the rigorous workouts, rest and…show more content…
The reason is, they are the ones who are performing and completing the asked task. They are the most seen, the most publicized, and the most familizarized, making a lot of sense. The runners have the toughest part as they have the most amount of pressure and put the most amount of work into this cycle. Runners make the money for the coaches, recruiting staff, and school, which lead them to keep going and continue to take more and more steps. The most well known individualized sport in the world is by far, running. It focuses on one person, but the details and ethics of everything and everyone involved is what makes it a success. Many people make it possible for the athletes to perform, but this task is eventually returned to the people and things that allowed it to happen through much time and work. With the consistency of many other people, guiding and leading the way, the runners are able to achieve prosperity and progress which continues the
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