Cross Cultural Barriers

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How to overcome such barriers Considering applying an effective methodology to overcome such obstacles that could play an in direct role in declining organization growth progress. This could be achieved by cultural differential knowledge transfer to the organization employees’ by learning a respect of other cultural insights. Organizations should promote such interaction by creating short sessions to introduce different cultures or by making an international day celebration in case of multinational individuals and nowadays we can realize that multinational company’s uses internal social platform to connect individuals together and let them feel the workplace atmosphere and decrease the communication misunderstanding. Thereafter, each individual would learn to avoid assumptions that people attach the same meaning to what is said or done. In this case, one can ask for clarifications so as to reduce chances of misinterpretation. Moreover, there should be an end to prejudice which leads to stereotyping of other cultures. This will allow room for different opinions on how to conduct, for instance, business activities. This will also help to counter check the effects of the ethnocentric perspective, which stands for one way of doing things. As Sethi (2010) argues, “there is no specific and rightful way of doing thing because different cultures have a set of beliefs, behavior and principles in relation to ways of doing things”. Theories of cross cultural communication Proxemics’
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