Cross Cultural Communication Assignment

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Cross-cultural communication is on the rise in today’s modern world where globalization has enabled individuals from all backgrounds to work together and become more open-minded. To describe my cultural mindset I took help of the cultural mindset survey, which better put perspective to how culturally sensitive and aware I’m. The range of the survey is 12 to 48 and I scored a 34, which falls under the second region. This phase indicates a moderate cultural mindfulness. Before taking the survey I always assumed that I would have a potentially high culturally aware mindset, partly because of the diverse experiences I have had in my high school and university education. However, this test served as an important reminder that often we do not exactly…show more content…
This conflict was enhanced by the fact that prior to this I had never traveled outside India. Getting used to the Hong Kong culture was not easy and even after staying here for more than a year, I still experience certain situations where I feel out of place. However when I think about my first day In Hong Kong and today, I can greatly reflect on how I have adjusted to this cultural shift. A minor, but memorable situation was when on the first day itself I was travelling by the airport shuttle and the bus conductor refused to give me change and I had to put in 100 HKD for a trip that cost just 50 HKD. Now although this perhaps is not the most relevant argument in terms of cultural clash, that small instance instantly made me feel like a culturally alienated person. The language barrier further proved to be a hassle in everyday small activities. While traveling in the minibus, I would miss my bus stop simply because I did not know the Cantonese phrase for stopping the bus. Food was an area that completely modified by cultural beliefs. Being a vegetarian by nature, finding relevant food for me was the biggest challenge of my day. This was perhaps my most significant cultural clash but I soon found myself more than enjoying non-vegetarian food. Another big cultural clash was breaking the cultural barrier itself and

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