Cross Cultural Norms Analysis

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If American supervisors have knowledge of this Chinese cultural norm and they arrange a meeting with her in private to discuss the issue, she might able to understand her supervisor’s concerns and able to understand their dissatisfaction towards her performance. But American supervisors did not do so because of circumstances and as a result she quit the job. So American supervisor had to find someone else immediately to fill her place in order to continue the busy workflow.
Tolerance and open minded:
It is natural phenomena that people judge other people’s deeds according their own point of view that based on their own culture. If we interact with other cultures open minded, it will help to reduce the risk of making mistake
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Our social groups developed on the basis of how we observe ourselves, others and our experiences, individually or together (Houston and Wood, 1996). Effected cross cultural communication can only be achieved if we eliminate the cultural biases, cultural prejudice and deciding right and wrong on the basis of particular cultural values. The objective of cross cultural communication can be achieved if we promote the common values of culture and appreciate flexible communication (Victor, 2001). Furthermore adapting the values and norm from other culture does not mean that we surrender the values and norms of our own culture. Become a bicultural is not an inborn quality of people, it is a mindset that can only be nurture with the passage time. So American supervisors must show tolerance and listen to their Chinese coworkers to better understand the values and norms of their culture in order to make cross cultural communication effective. As a result they can able to perform their business operations more effectively and efficiently in China. Furthermore it will help them to gain high level of employee engagement towards
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