Cross Cultural Skills In Tourism

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___________________________________ Importance of Cross Cultural Skills in Tourism ___________________________________ By Anjul Mishra 2014B3A8660P ABSTRACT In the recent decade, tourism has experienced a steady growth and a lot diversification. As more and more people start travelling to different countries, it becomes more and more important to have a knowledge about Cross cultural communication. This paper aims at analyzing the major aspects of Cross cultural studies involved in the tourism industry. INTRODUCTION The cultural background of the inbound tourists might be similar to or different from the host country in many ways. This affects the decisions of the tourists regarding food, services etc. Similarly, it is difficult for the…show more content…
The analysis done, was mostly based on the dimensions of cultural differences given by Geert Hofstede. The knowledge gained by theoretical studies was the basis of the research objective and the scope of the study. One important thing learnt was that the dimensions used for study can be used to compare the cultural differences between different countries and cannot be used to compare the values of individuals. The points learnt from theory helped in discovering the depth about the big picture regarding cultural differences and can be used further to avoid conflicts and situations of tension and successfully deal with international tourists. Cross cultural knowledge can be really useful in the tourism industry for both the host as well as the visitors. Since tourism contributes a lot to the economic growth, cross cultural study in turn contributes to the economic growth of the country. The theory helped in identifying the incidents which could have been used positively if cross cultural skills would have been…show more content…
In this research indicates the basic understanding of the culture differenced of tourists from Germany, China and India and show that the difference needs among them are from the national culture. In order to gain more understanding for all employees who have to deal directly with customers, as a manager they should have the cross culture training for the employees by using the Hofstede’s theory. Basic understanding for German, Chinese and Indian tourist can help to avoid the culture shock and dissatisfy between host and tourist by adapt and/or adjust the product offering to customers. However, because of using Hofstede’s theory can give the general idea about culture difference. To understand and find more deeper information for tourist behaviors, the researcher recommend to research more about culture by religion, subculture, type of culture in tourism or even the factor that effect customer to choose Thailand as a destination for example. This can help to support the deeper understanding on difference of tourist behaviors and their

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