Cross Keys Home Observation

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“Darn, surrounded by all of these nice homes and communities, this High School should be really nice,” is what I thought once I got to the North Druid Hills Rd and North Cliff Valley Way intersection. In front of me all that I could see was vibrant communities that displayed their affiliation with the Lenox area, which is a very rich area. Making a left onto North Druid Hills Road, I continued to see beautiful homes on my right and my left I began to see the campus of Cross Keys High School. Due to the tons of leaves that had fallen, the bare trees that occupied the front of the campus, and the splotchy patches of grass, viewing the Cross Keys campus was not as striking to the eye as was the view of the surrounding homes. Having such a bare…show more content…
I had the opportunity to view two of his class periods, an accelerated class and an ESOL class. Both of Mr. R’s classes, along with the school in its entirety, consisted of mostly Hispanics and ESOL students. Out of approximately 1,030 students, the demographics for Cross Keys High are as follows: 67% Hispanics, 16% African-American,13% Asian, 3% Caucasian, 1% Other. US News reports that Cross Keys High School is the “most culturally diverse high school in the state of Georgia with students from 65 countries who speak 75 different languages.” Out of Mr. R’s accelerated class of 23 students, there were three Blacks, one Indian, and the rest were Hispanics. Similarly, Mr.R’s ESOL class consisted of 13 students; only one Asian and twelve Hispanics. The administration at Cross Keys High School is diverse as well. From what I viewed, there seemed to be about 50% Black, 48% White, and a handful of Hispanic administrators and teachers. I found it weird that the student population consists of more that 50% of Hispanics, many who barely know English, but the administration only consists of about four Spanish speaking
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