Cross Media Reflection

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I personally think that in order for a particular project to be successful, the creator or developer has to keep in mind that the audience has to feel immersed into the project itself. Even though immersion is important, interactivity alone cannot make a story successful. Fortunately enough nowadays big companies are using both cross media and trans media in order to immerse the audience into a different experience. So why is trans media the buzz word at the moment ? This is because it can evoke emotions that cannot be easily replicated in a novel or movie. I personally think that projects such as the ‘I love bees’ and ‘Why so serious’, which are two of the most successful trans media projects, were the spark in order for this industry to grow. One does not simply come up with a trans media project in a day or two. It takes time and a sustainable amount of research. Post 16 - Cinematography Lesson Last week’s lesson was specifically focused on working as a particular role on a film set. My position as a student studying media helped me a lot and also encouraged me even more to research more on on-set location filming. During this lesson I had the role of DOP- Director of Photography and First Camera operator which include taking care of the lights and visuals and also operating the camera. Basically I worked hand in hand with the director in order to visually create the scene. Lectures such as the one we did was truly amazing and I wish to meet more people like our

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