Cross Of Lead Reflection

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While reading “Crispin the cross of lead,” I learned many things. Crispin is a 13 year old boy who becomes a fugitive after his mom dies. While reading this book, i realized there was many themes to this book. But i realized there was one theme that stood out to me and that was bravery. Bravery fits on crispin for many reasons, like when he went to save bear when he was captured in the Furnivals palace.

Crispin is 13, very poor and living with his mom, until she dies. Crispin doesn’t know what to do so he goes to the church and talks to father quinnell. Father quinnell tells him to run, crispin doesn’t know why, until jon acuff and his men start to chase him. When he’s running, he sees father quinnells dead body on the ground. Crispin finally got away, so now he is alone in the forest.

On his journey, he finds an abandoned village, so he checks it out. He hears a man screaming so he asks if he’s okay. He says he is okay, but decrees crispin to swear on a vow that he will be his servile. Crispin is really scared because the man was really big. The man came out and said his name was bear, and also that they
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Crispin curious again, he follows bear. John acclifye and his men were waiting for them, and captured bear. He goes back to the green man tavern and asks what to do, the lady replys with run away. Crispin was also told that he is the son of lord Furnival. Right before he leaves the city walls, he stops at a house, coincidentally, that was the house bears friend lived in. Crispin told them he needed to go back to save bear, one vigil said he would take him back. When crispin got to the citadel, he made a vow with john aycliffe that he would not repeat who his father was, if he released bear. He sees bear banged up, and drags him out. Right as john aycliffe exited them out of the city, he breaks his vow and tries to kill bear with his glaive, instead bear stabbed him with his
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