Essay On Cross Racial Identity Model

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Throughout the semester, the course has taught me a lot about myself and those around me. I have learned that based on Cross’ racial identity model I am in stage 5. It was new to me to find out there was model based on racial identity. Stage 5 means that I able to talk to anyone in and outside of my racial group. Which would mean that I would not have to seek counseling to correct an issue because there isn't one. During my life, I was at other stages of the model because I did not feel as comfortable talking to people that were not in my racial group. When I was younger and I did not speak English very well, I would stick with those that spoke Spanish. Being around them made me more comfortable because they were like me and spoke the same …show more content…

The book talks about how men are the breadwinners of the family and that the females are the nurturing kind. For my family alone, it is mostly females and therefore they had to work hard to be the breadwinners. I have never seen them be the stay-at-home mom and take care of the children. For my family, the roles are equal. If it is a mom and a dad, they both work, they both clean, they both take care of the children and they both take care of the finances. I personally like the way the females are in my family. It has taught me to be independent and showed me that if I want something, I have to get it myself. Besides that aspect, I do agree with how the Latino culture that was presented in the book. After reading this book, I feel like I have not been as diverse as I have wanted. For example, I know nothing about the Jewish culture besides that the holiday they celebrate is Hanukkah. I think if I had more experience I would be able to write more when the post asked about the Jewish culture. I honestly want to change this and allow myself the opportunity to know more …show more content…

The example I used in my post was about where I am from and how everyone tries to contribute. If someone is hungry, they will ask them if they want food, they try to work as a team and never think they are better than someone else. Also, the atmosphere is much calmer, everyone is not rushed to do things, unlike in Las Vegas where everything is fast-paced. I feel like living in Las Vegas, not everyone is a close group. There are those who help others, but from what I have seen it’s the “ let the best man win” type of attitude. I think hospitality is really based on where you live and how you were

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