Cross Road Blues Origin

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Blues can be called as the generational origin of Jazz. Blues is a kind of jazz that was evolved from style of music and musical form, originated on the American South (Mississippi Delta). Guitar, piano and harmonica (mouth harp) were considered as major instruments of early blues songs. Lyrics were especially related about daily life, sex, love, and money. Blues pieces often express sadness and melancholy. Along with this, Jazz music is a type of music which was originated by interaction between black and Creole musicians and is characterized by improvisation and syncopation, emerging in the beginning of 19th century. Drum set, cornet or trumpet, trombone, clarinet were major instruments played with jazz songs. The Blueberry hill and Cross…show more content…
Blues were in the Format of AAB, which mean Chords and lyrics for first and second stanza of the song were same but totally different for third. It was a rural music of hope, pain, suffering, and desire brought on first by slavery, then by sharecropping, and just being black in the South. Cross Road Blues by Robert Johnson would be the best example to clarify term “Blues.” It’s a representative of Mississippi Delta blues where Johnson plays chords with guitar using bottleneck technique. Jazz, one of America's original art forms, spans a period of more than hundreds of years to encompass a range of music from ragtime to jazz-rock fusion. Jazz, on the other hand, grew out of ragtime and New Orleans style music, slowly making its way up the Mississippi River and on to Chicago where the term Jazz was first coined in 1913. “Blueberry hill”, one of the most famous early jazz songs, was composed by one of the most famous jazz music players, Louis Armstrong, nicknamed “Stachmo” and “pops” would be the best example to demonstrate the term “Jazz.” Armstrong was famous for playing trumpet. Blues and Jazz are interrelated most likely because of the fact that they are originated from the American South which means it is an African American style from the south. Improvisation is a major performance method for both Jazz and Blues. Jazz and Blues are different because Jazz is more complicated than blues, uses many more chords, scales, modes, tempos, time signatures, melodic structure, moods and styles. Above song will be perfect for the demonstration of the genres; their similarities and
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