Qualitative Research Methodology Summary

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This methodology chapter is defining the applicable technique which we use to collect our data and what’s its impact on our study. The sections under this methodology chapter seek to explain the research design, description of multiple variables, population and sampling issues, methods and sources of data collection instrumentation aspects and analysis methods. Moreover research approach is also covered in this particular chapter. Further, ethical considerations were described in detail. There are two types of research approaches qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative approach is inductive in nature however quantitative approach is deductive in nature. The most necessary difference between inductive and deductive approach is that inductive…show more content…
This co relational or cross-sectional research is applied in the study to check the influence of the relationship among independent and dependent variables. Cross-sectional studies provide a complete picture of outcome at a specific point in a time. In this study dependent is ec and independent are pe, pos and tl. The small part taken from the whole population is called Sample. Convenience sampling method is used in this study. The main target population for this study is media industry. The media employees are selected as the target population for this study because they have to be more creative in their jobs and have to come up with unique and innovative ideas. As the main objective of the research is to find out the impact of different variables on ec so this is the reason media employees are chosen. A sample of 210 responses was collected for study. It is also important to note that smaller sample size for the study can also be evidenced and found in previous ec studies e.g. the sample size for Degago (2014), Ozaralli (2015), Zhou and George (2001), Ibrahim, Isa and Shahbudin (2016), and Yu and Frenkel (2013) was 125, 218, 149, 100 and 206…show more content…
The industry expert checks and approves the face and content validity of the questionnaire. The validity of the instrument is check before collecting the data. In this study, 5 pls based survey questionnaire is adopted which is reliable to check level of responses from the respondents of the study (Likert, 1932). Following is the regression equation of this research used to establish the relationship between variables: EC=α0+β1PE +β2POS +β3TL +ε……………….. (i) In equation (i) EC is the dependent variable known as ec. Moreover independent variables are PE (pe), POS (pos) and lastly TL (Tl) and in the end is ε which stands for error. There are some information gathering process utilized for the collecting of information. Research is one of the assessment procedure used for checking and measuring some important issue. Rensis Ls is use in this study which is also called ls. Information is collected and gathered through survey study which involves 5 pls. 5 pls range from 1 to

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