Linear Regression Analysis Essay

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Our study will utilize a quantitative approach to determine the significant predictors, as well as the best predictor of marital satisfaction among married Filipino couples. Because of the objectives of the study, the design that we will be using would be a cross-sectional survey design. This is due to the intention of administering the survey to the participants only once at a specific time point instead of administering the survey multiple times across time. The predictors to be examined are emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, and work-family conflict, while marital satisfaction will be the criterion variable. Different scales and measures will be used in order to determine the level of the participants in the different predictors. Because these are already pre-existing in the participants, no random assignment will be conducted in this study. Participants The participants of our study shall consist of Filipino heterosexual couples who are married. Following the…show more content…
This is a predictive analysis which can explain the relationship between the different predictors and marital satisfaction. With this, the significant predictors will be determined, as well as the best predictor, to identify the strength of the effect of the predictors on marital satisfaction. These can all be determined by looking at the value of r or the multiple correlation coefficient, which can measure the quality or strength of prediction. The higher the value of r, the better the predictor. Aside from this, the value of r2 or the coefficient of determination will also be looked at to determine how close the data are to the fitted regression line. This shows how the variance in marital satisfaction is explained by the different predictors. The higher the value of r2, the
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