Crossfit Persuasive Essay

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It was a beautiful day and I decided I wanted to start going to the gym. I found a gym only a few minutes away from my apartment in the city. I wanted to go test it out before I would buy a membership, so I called my friend Maddie up to see if she wanted to go with me. I was getting my stuff ready when she answered my call, “Hello?” “Hey Maddie what are you doing right now?” “Nothing, just petting my cat, Odie. Why?” “You should come to this new gym with me to check it out.” “Ok! Let me get ready and I will be at your place in ten minutes” “Alright cool, thanks see you soon.” When we got to the gym, everything was brand new and they had every type of machine and equipment you could think of. The gym had two sides. One side had people just working out and lifting while the other side had a section for cross fitters. CrossFit and weightlifting are two different fitness regimens yet similar in some ways.…show more content…
What exactly is CrossFit? CrossFit can be defined many ways, but it is a fitness regimen that was designed by Coach Greg Glassman. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements that are performed at relatively high intensity. People who train with CrossFit are training to enhance ten physical qualities: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. It all begins with a belief in fitness. The program was built to prepare trainees for physical contingency for not only the unknown, but the unknowable. In 2013 CrossFit claimed more than 7,000 gyms worldwide, had more than 35,000 accredited trainers, had more than ten million cross fitters, and a ten year deal with Reebok to sponsor the CrossFit games. CrossFit is only getting more popular by the months with millions trying to claim the title of fittest on

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