Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Poem Analysis

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Walt Whitman´s poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” uses the theme of time to communicate a sense of Transcendentalist unity. Whitman 's Transcendentalist speaker enters the "appearances" and "usual costumes" of the universe of wonders keeping in mind the end goal to find the truth that ties each and all together in one
The speaker, as The title already indicates taking a ferry in New York, does not waste any time before presenting the idea that all humans are united in their common experience. The narrator imagines those who will cross the river in the future, this could also indicate a metaphor for the overall journey of a human life. He is very optimistic and at ease: He and also everyone else is to him a part of "the simple, compact, well-join 'd scheme“Even though each individual of the speakers vision is distinctly unique they are also linked in an everlasting design. „myself disintegrated, every one disintegrated yet part /of the scheme.“Although the passage of time is inevitable as this passage shows, it also perhaps contains another metaphor for time: „The current
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Thus does the "part" look back on - as it moves eternally and they fade in chains of time-all those who fill it.“(orlov) Following line explains that „the rôle that is what we make it,/as great as we like,/Or as small as we like, or both great and /small.It comforts and tells the reader that no matter who they are, they have choices, and they always matter. Another clue to the poet 's intention is when the speaker then calls his fellows „Gods…that clasp me by the hand“ Even things in the physical world, small or big, are worth celebrating:
„Every thing indicates—the smallest does, and the
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