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Between their parents and their children there is a special bond. There is a lot of trust and love mixed with mutual respect and care. This is a big dream for many parents, and they hope to achieve this some day with their children. The same thing goes for the main character in the short story ‘‘Crossing’’ by Marc Slouka from 2009. In this story we have a father and a son, going out in the wilderness to have a father-son trip, like the main character did with his father, but soon we will find out, that there is more behind the trip, than just word can describe. How much love is there truly between a father and his son?

The setting in Crossing is mainly in a nature reserve, but small bits of the story also occur at the place where our main character pick up his son and the drive to the nature
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‘’They’d to get out of this… My God, all his other fuckups were just preparations for this… There was nowhere to go’’ . This can interpret different things, for once his feelings about the divorce and how his life is going, but also how he feels towards his son. He reflects on all the mistakes he made in his marriage and with his son and now he had come to realize, that he can’t get out of this trouble.

The way the Slouka has written the short story makes it both different and perilous. The main characters inner thoughts make a guideline for the reader. It’s not a first person narrator, but a third person narrator. It’s written in past tense and the whole story through the narrator knows what is going to happen. There is some anxiety build up in this short story. The narrator drops of hints of danger and solemn thoughts. Throughout the story we are hold in the spotlight, and at no time, we get a calm and nice sentence to read. The tension immense in the ending!

‘’And then he heard his own voice, answering ‘’I’m okay, buddy,’’ it said. ‘’You just hang

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